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Our background is as unique as it comes in the distillery world. Owners, Jim Matz  & Wendy Tilton, conceived the idea after moving from the east coast. We needed to do something challenging and different. (And, we certainly found it!)

Jim owned his own business for 17 years. He is great with equipment, problem solving and people. 

Wendy, an academic and consultant by profession, tried her hand at "hooch making" with a dear friend from Texas. Since proximity changes relationships, and Wendy moved out west, Jim thought a small batch distillery could turn out to be a whole lot of fun. Here we are!! 

With Wendy's interest to try new things and improve outcomes, a test distillery was perfect. It is great for small batch premium products. In addition, we can assess what you really want. So, rather than wasting time bringing a product to the market that is lackluster, you tell us what you love!

What do we care about most? Offering you the best possible premium spirit that is smooth and delicious. You tell us it is GREAT, or it is dumped! (Yes, some gets dumped.) So far, the feedback for DROVE is -- "Wow, this is really smooth!" It was this feedback that gave Jim the idea -- Dare to be Smooth! (The challenge begins!)

Now, it's your turn. Come tell us your story. What do you think of our products? Honest feedback is appreciated, and don't worry, Wendy will ask you a lot of questions (it's her way). 

Keep in mind, we can't improve it without you!

Our DROVE line of premium agave spirits are:
El Roble
La Vainilla 
Roble Blanco Salvaje

New Product Releases

As a test facility, we are always looking for true alcohol lovers. We need participants who love tequila, whiskey, vodka & rum. Quarterly, we will conduct tastings to determine what products are worthy of release to the public. If you would like to participate, please contact us. We need about 9 participants for each tasting event. (The schedule is coming soon.) 

Up next... DROVE fall releases, rum & whiskey. 

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Wild Hare Distillery, LLC

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Reserve Thursday through Saturday for a tasting and tour. Distillery Tours & Tastings are by appointment.  

Private events are welcome anytime with reservations (6 person minimum). Please contact us for details.  

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