Wild Hare Distillery can create custom barrels of product for private parties, white labeling, or personal use! Restaurants and bars looking for their own line of spirits can take advantage of our simple and stress-free way to create branded bottles and product!


Select your Size


Barrel Size – 15g. to 53g.

Bottle Size – 375ml – 750 ml

Select your Mash Bill


Select your Proof


Under 80




Elevate your Brand


Your logo, your label.

Increase market position with your own house spirit

Promote your spirit to create new revenue streams

Thousands of Clients, Dare to be Smooth

“I had the most incredible time here! Jim and Wendy are so personable and welcoming. It was my first ever tasting and they did such a great job of explaining and breaking down the whole process of making all of the spirits! The whole tour was great and the spirits…. Let me tell you…. were INCREDIBLE! Definitely will be purchasing some bottles as a gift…. Oh and for myself of course!.”Jessica Kelly Arnold

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Barrel Program FAQ

What size barrels do you offer?

We have unique 10-gallon, 15-gallon and traditional 53-gallon barrels.

Do I get to keep my barrel after my product is bottled?

The 10-gallon barrels are very unique. You can purchase the staves from the barrel, but the frame of the barrel is not available for purchase. If you wish, the pricing of your program can include the barrel, either the 15 g or 53 g barrel.

How many bottles will I get from my barrel?

The number of bottles will depend on the entry proof, the final bottled proof and the product. Typically, a 15g barrel will yield about 72 bottles.

Can I decide when a barrel is emptied?

You will partner with Wendy & Jim to discuss what flavor profile you desire. We can schedule a series of tastings over the resting period in a barrel. In the end, in an effort to preserve the quality of the product, WHD will decant it when needed. Flavor profiles are personal, so it is important to work closely with staff to clearly identify what you desire.

What if I do not know exactly what I want?

Not a problem at all! In fact, most people prefer to select a product already available at the distillery. If they make any changes, they are generally to the proof.

Can I select my own bottle and label?

You sure can! You are more than welcome to select a specific bottle style and label. It must meet government requirements, but otherwise, we can help you work through what you want.

What is the easiest way to own a barrel of whiskey?

Come on in and talk with Wendy or Jim. They can make it easy. Most customers fall in love with a product and want it to give to their family, friends, customers, clients, or employees. Rather than changing the label, they add a hang tag and/or have special bags printed for gifting. If you want a special label, they will connect you to a local company for assistance.

How long does it take to obtain a barrel of spirits?

It depends on the requirements. In some cases, barrels are ready to go. Timing is everything. Contact Wendy or Jim to talk about deadlines. If they can make it happen, they will!

I own a restaurant. I’d like to private label a barrel of whiskey to elevate our brand and carry it in our restaurants. Is it possible?

It sure is! Contact Wendy or Jim to talk about anticipated demand for your product. Once that is settled, they will connect you with a copyright lawyer for your label, a printer for your label, and work with you to obtain formula and/ or label approval from the government, so you can offer it in your establishment.

I’m getting married, have a special anniversary, shower, or other occasion. I’d like to order special bottles for the occasion. How much time do I need?

It will depend on what product you want to bottle. On site we have 375 ml and 750 ml bottles. If you want something smaller, ordering can take time. With a special occasion, you may also want a special label. This can also take time. It is best to budget as much time as possible, but depending on the requirements, it could be done fairly quickly.